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Christian Context?


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On 11/30/2021 at 6:19 AM, theMadJW said:

If you take a look at the words, it is obvious that a person who actually BELIEVES Christ Jesus (not Church Dogma), and follows it IS  a Christian!

The vast majority aren't seen by Jesus words "Few find the road to life!"

I would argue that is a point of debate and depends on individual opinions.  Progressive Christians would probably argue they believe some things about Jesus but not others, and I have seen there are Christians who say progressive Christians can't be Christians, just like I know some Christians think JWs aren't Christian or at the very least, are out of step with true Christianity.  So I think it is only 'obvious' to somebody who claims 'they' know.

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59 minutes ago, theMadJW said:

The very beginning, Adam and Eve...

I believe the story exists.  I also believe the story is a myth, a way ancient people tried to understand life and what to make of it.  This is a pretty common situation across all ancient cultures.  So in that sense I don't believe the only way to understand the Adam and Eve story is to interpret it as a literal, historical event.

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