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Ok, I am not here to judge, only point out some history facts, and myth legends, and well you decide.


ok, first thing that led me to question the new testiment was the wording of revelations. I started thinking of how the wording sounds just like a psychic tarrot card reading. Not that Jesus of Nazarith isn't the true son. We all know that Ancient Greeks worshiped Zeus the Sun God. I started thinking of an astronomy college class that I took and the Ancient Greeks and the constellations. I also thought about an episode of the seven wonders of the world and the Big Statue of Zeuss which was described the same way as christ is described when he returns. And in the revelation he said I am the Alpha Omega, beginning and end, the day and night...no man cometh unto the father except by me....the sun of god or son of god. I also noticed that in KJV and NIV it says that Jesus called John up to heaven because noone else could read the scroll of the lamb noone was pure enough. At the same time the Jesus referred to in the revelations puts himself in the place of God, because Jesus' words are in red, not Gods. I am not Challanging any theory of Jesus Christ. Only the Revelations, some other things possibly added or tampered with in the new testiment. and the Roman Empire, since the history of Rome it has been under rule of some kind of evil, back to the man Rome was named after. He was the bastard twin sent up river by this king who's daughter was supposed to be heirress to throne and her honor was promised not to be taken. The king killed his daughter, sent the twins up stream to be taken care of by a prostitue. When the twins found out about the King was killed and they had heir to the throne. One brother kills the other in envy and throws a celebration for his new kingdom with the plot of stealing like 600 daughters of a local tribe and raping them and forcing them to be there wives. Look it up its Remus and Ramos or something like that....the start of the roman empire. Another couple of interesting things....one was of course that the revelation clearly states the antichrist is a roman papal(pope) which is why I think maybe the revelations is a psychic interpretation that is twisted...who knows we will see...but it also talks about the mark of the beast...is 666...ok i can think of two one which is 3 egyptian pyramids (which was under the rule of roman empire) and the crusifix...if you count all sides even the ends of the posts of the crusifix you get 18. and what is 18 divided by 3? also If Gods Ten Commandments are the rules he gave us to live by, then we should know that he says to not bow down to any gods before him....(The new testement makes it to seem that Jesus says he is the holy light that makes god see us...hmmm (Son of god or Sun of god) He is the one to rescue us from the sins of man (one text) Another NIV, says he is coming save us from our sins. And if we are weary sinners to call on him because God Cant see us anymore, because we are not pure with holy light like him. The history channel aired this just last night (12/9/05) that St. Lucy (who was a high priestess who took a vow of silence by the way) and two friends were visited by the virgin Mary when Lucy was 10 and was said to have been visited by the Virgin Mother and was shown three visions that scared her to death, so much that she took a vow of silience. Before her death she reveled two, and after her death the third was seen only by John Paul II himself, there is only speculation, but its set that he was full of archery bows and burning in the pits of hell..If the vision is twisted to make the roman god seem like the true christ, which our symbols of him crucified (which may have been the big cover up to make us worship their GOD) SCARY!!! Another thing in Ten Commandments says keep the sabath holy. Rest that day. The Roman Catholic Church at somepoint , was said to change that to "SUN"day. Look at any calander. Saturday is the seventh day, and we aren't doing that. wer are being lazy on that day. And notice the sun in pictures from a light house (which was also one of the roman seven wonders of the world) so maybe the seven wonders of the world is what is mentioned as where the seven churches are. The bride church is said to be that of Jeruselum, and o naturally the whore is the Roman Catholic Church. And last night the History Channel had a documentary on the lost cities of Jeruselum and the lost city of Atlantis. Atlantis was said to be at least as far advanced as us riches beyond the human imagination. and they were believed to have even had airplanes. and there were pictures of men with holy lights over there heads (like davinci's last supper of Jesus with the sun shaped light over his head) The men on the walls of the lost city of Atlantis had them too. The people spoiled them selves and worshiped like us. I think it is apparent there is an evil in this world...a great mysterious cover up. If we don't Turn the tables instead (ALAN PARSONS PROJECT SONG EYE IN THE SKY SAYS IT WELL) then our country will be damned because we are promoting it. We have to stop it and let people see the truth. One more fact...Christmas (DEC 25th) is known as the first day of the "new sun" after the harvest, ancients were know to have worshiped the Sun God to bless there harvest. Originally, I believe it was January 6th after the new year that we started to celebrate birth of christ. look at the zodiac symbols, and read the wording of the text of revelations. down to the four horseman, they are zodiac symbols. I don't know much about horoscopes, but I knew enough from atronomy and learning constellations to pick up on a few things. OH what about the statue of liberty???? she looks very much like the sun god zues figure that was said to be struck down by the wrath of god. This is alot to soak in and this is only a lot of history revealing it self which made me second guess my faith. Do the math, read the text for yourself, research it. then you too will be second guessing!! :unsure:

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I can't begin to address the thoughts presented in your post in detail.


Here are few things to clarify however. . .


1. Most of the apocolyptic liturature in our Bible is influenced heavily by the non-cannonical book of Enoch. This explains many of the rather "odd" descriptions of the end of time events that appear throughout our Bible today.


2. Christians began to worship on the First Day of the week - as early as the period recorded in the New Testament because that is the "Lord's Day" - the day that tradition tells us Christ rose from the grave. As Christianity evolved beyond the Jewish community - this practice was one of the several that helped seperate it from its parent Judiasm. It has nothing to do with worshiping the "sun".


3. Jan 6 is the day of Epiphany. The Church historically celebrated the Incarnation on Epiphany. Christ's mass was a day generally set apart to celebrate the entire reality of Christ - not only his birth (incarnation). This tradition changed as Western society began to celebrte Christmas strongly - frankly in large part due to the writings of Charles Dickens. As Christmas celebrations evolved to focus more and more on Christ's BIRTH - It seemed very redundant to celebrate the Incarnation only a few days later. So, a new tradition was born - that of celebrating the visit of the Magi on Epiphany. When the Church was setting the day for Christ's mass - they were influenced by the pagan ceremonies that were on the calander around the time of December 25. They were seeking ways to make conversion to Christianity as practical as possible for the natives of Europe.


4. While I personally had a hard time figuring out what the Statue of Liberty has to do with the rest of your post - you are correct that the Statue of Liberty is based on the figure of a light bearer. This symbol is frequently used in Freemasonry to represent illumination, understanding and growth. I am certain that the symbolism of "light" is common in many faith traditons.

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People who have looked into the matter of identifying the person who stood as a model for lady liberty (which was a gift to the USA from France ) have not been able to name the person. However, it is said by those who investigated the matter that the model was probably an african woman.


Leave it to the French to keep things honest when it comes to identifying the "light bearer" eh?


As I mentioned elsewhere here the "Black Madonna" was an icon of the church in the south of France and elsewhere, and is still revered to this day in places such as Poland and Mexico.


Also Carl, it is interesting that you bring up the Book of Enoch. It is an interesting compendium describing the roots of and reasons for the "end times", much as is the OT Book of Daniel. It was mostly used in the Balkan and eastern European church in the early days, and is replete with descriptions of the activities of the " serpent watchers " that will not leave people alone, but must see, control. and reconcile every human activity to their uses.


When the roots of the word "armageddon" are traced in the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, one set of meanings traces to Chaldean concepts that describe beings that "crowd in" upon human activities and always cause conflict and devastation due to this tendency and the conflict that it naturally brings.


flow.... :unsure:

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