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"Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves...LIVE THE QUESTIONS NOW. Perhaps you will gradually...without noticing it,live along some distant day into the answer". Rainer Maria Rilke


Do we present our soul as an empty container...or would we rather be teacher than student?

I worry that I shy away from vulnerability of soul, just when I need it most.

Maybe we need to be more vulnerable to each other on this board...so that as student/teachers,we may learn from each other. What do you think?



Looking forward to your thoughts,


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Hey, that Rilke quote was my signature line on this board for a while! :D


I agree about being "more vulnerable" to each other, both on this board, and as part of humanity. I learn so much when I go into a conversation with as few walls (and presuppositions) up, as I can.


Ironically, I've found that I have learned some very valuable insights from the most conservative of Christians because I weigh the words for what they are and not from whom they come.


What is especially wonderful is when I have a discussion which fledges out a new way of thinking for me, and then I come across a similar thought in another place. For example, the recent philosophical discussion on the Fundamental (not-ist) thread regarding kenosis and God's pouring himself out into the universe (all reality) has come around again in the Huston Smith book I'm reading. B) Too cool.

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