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Vine Deloria Jr.


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I can only think of a few books that changed my total life's outlook after I had read them. Scott Peck's first two books would meet this qualification as would James Gleick's book, Chaos, Making a New Science.


Vine DeLoria jr's book, God is Red, also makes my list. It totally changed the way that I viewed my beliefs in Christianity, and forced me to actively question the good intentions of my fellow Christians. And now Mr. DeLoria has left our little blue ball in space and time.


My suggestion is to do whatever you can to obtain and read this book. You won't regret it.






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It makes sense to me now. Remember how upset Rudy Giuliani was when a young black artist had a picture of a black madonna and black baby Jesus hung in a Brooklyn art museum? They even took down the picture and closed the museum for fear of riots breaking out. It all looked pretty racist to me.


As a father whose son does art with found articles and original acrylic painting combined, it wasn't unusual to me that the artist used , among other stuff, dried elephant dung, as a material in his composition, but it really pissed-off Rudy. Artists, by instinct, talent, and skill, are compelled to use whatever materials that best convey the textures of the subject matter to be depicted. It didn't seem odd to me that he would choose some sort of processed organic material for part of his composition that included depictions of organic material.


Besides it is common knowledge that the late Pope John Paul II's favorite rendition of the madonna was the black madonna of Crackow. There's lots of such depictions in church art. And in the south of France where Mary Magdalene and the escaped Jesus were supposedly hidden by Joseph of Arimathea after their flight from Palestine (according to esoteric Gnostic sources) there are numerous depictions of that Mary as Madonna rendered in the color Blue! Maybe she was a relative of Lord Krishna!


Since the baby Jesus's father was divine and of pure spirit and his mother was a fifteen year old earthling virgin, it makes sense to me that the baby Jesus was at least partly of the blood of the brothers. See how mixed-up things can get due to racist influences?


Wonder why Rudy was so pissed anyhow? I don't ever remember that he explained his actions or opinions to any reasonable extent. But then there's talk now of his running against Hillary for President, and some politicians are known for behaving badly and doing highly illogical things when the hunger for more power drives their salivary glands into overdrive. It's just all so nuts!!



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