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I'm Almost A One Per Center!


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Hmmmmm...let's see. We'll need MORE music. I suggest old school R&B. I never got into the Punk, Metal, Grunge, etc. thing.


But I' ve got some good tapes, Ray Charles, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, etc. Guess I'm just meant to be a blues brother !


A party sounds like a great idea. It's been a long time since I've been to any.


OK, next we all chant the McDonald's mantra ... LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION !!!


flow.... :P

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U2, REM, the Stones (of course), the Who, the Cranberries, Todd Rundgren, Kate Bush, Beatles, Dylan, and on and on.


I have a Yahoo! Radio Station where you can listen to all my favorites > http://launch.yahoo.com/lc/?rt=0&rp1=0&rp2=1215882842 < it might work!


I did my D. Min thesis on the church and rock'n'roll. I described rock'n'roll as a medium of play, protest, passage and prayer. I typed it on an electric typewriter in 1982 so I can't provide a copy.


I guess my work made a difference. See what a former youth member of my church in Michigan (in the 80s) wrote about me > http://www.pcusa.org/pcusa/horizons/hrznno...rtsoulvoice.htm <





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Don't suppose I should bring my Rob Zombie or Marilyn Manson? :mellow: Seriously, I have a little of everything: Floyd and the Doors; Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald; the Black Crowes and Rasputina; Brad Paisley and Brooks and Dunn; Neil Young and Joni Mitchell; Sarah McLaughlan and Dido.



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I've got an authentic concert video of Pink Floyd at the Nassau County NY outdoor venue

in the eighties. When I'm in the kind of funk that audio alone cannot cure, it always works.


The late and great Phish works well, and then there is the best band that ever wuz, The Grateful Dead. Bitchin' Dudes!!



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Can we have a party?  One of my favorite R&R songs is Twisted Sister's "You've got to fight for the right to party!"  The heavenly feast is spread before us but we often don't partake.  Let's party!


I know this isn't the debate section, but "Fight for Your Right" was a Beastie Boys tune from License to Ill, Twisted Sister did "We're not going to take it" (amongst others)


I'm a one-stop resource for Catholic commentary, rock & roll and probably other stuff.

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Yes and Yes! If anybody out there still has yet to grab the new Gabriel (Up, 2002), I personally rate it as one of the best albums I've heard in about two decades.

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