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Dopiest Tv Programs You Like


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Another thread gave me this idea. Someone mentioned a silly show that he (she?) liked.

Now I have my true confessions. There was this tv show that had a couple switch places, so they would put a pampered women in some suburb and put her on a dairy farm. The funniest one was a vegan woman placed in the middle of the Bayous of Lousiana. They were all eating gator and had never seen a salad. (BTW, it was completely clean. There was no sexual swapping going on.) I had a silly idea of a friend of mine who kennels dogs and trains them and someone who hates dirt and dust switching around to her life for a week. I think it would be an interesting show. :-). This seemed to be similar to a "reality show" on National Geographic that I really enjoyed. It sent a typical American family to some third world country. They started off hating everythign and ended up totally in love the place mostly to be wisked off. But I admit both to be pretty silly esp. the former.




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I rise around 1:00 a.m. most days to go to work. While eating my cereal I watch whatever, which is, of course, the American way anymore.


"Elimidate" would be my hands down choice for the most useless show on the "vast wasteland". I believe that it would definitely make Newton Minnow (JFK's chair of the FCC who originated the term) spin counterclockwise in his grave and come up with a new slogan just to address this genre.


flow.... :D

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des -- Was that "Wife Swap?" (The show with the title that made it sound more titillating than it actually was . . .) Or did the entire couple switch places?


My latest vice is Nip-Tuck. It's pretty far from clean . . .


There was also a time when I watched Anna Nicole Smith's reality show. Really terrible, as about as good for the brain as cotton candy. And kind of like lookie-looing at an accident on the highway -- you know it's horrible to look but you look anyway . . .


Okay. My Sunday confessions --



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Dopiest TV programs I like? Hmmmm ...


Star Trek DS9 ;)




King of the Hill


I dunno. Now that I have satelite with a DVR and can record 100 hours of shows, I don't find myself having to watch anything I don't really want to.


I'm trying desperately to give Threshold a chance because of Brent Spiner, but they better improve the writing and speed the story line along soon, or even Data won't keep me watching.

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The show ( I don't think it's on anymore) was Wife Swap. Yes it sounded very titilating, but it wasn't at all sexual. Prob. didn't last due to lack of truth in advertising. :-) (or maybe has, I haven't watched it since the gator episode, as I thought it would be impossible to top that one.) Actually thought it had some socially interesting things to it. I just found out yesterday about gator folks in the Bayou-- trapping and hunting gators is all they know. And here there was the family with the gator farm. Anyway the women did change places, not the guy. I think they put her in a spare bedroom or on the couch. It wasn't even part of the show (the bedroom).


PBS has their own version, the Frontier House. They had this set of families build their own homes and live in the middle of nowhere (somewhere in Utah or Montana maybe). Of course conflicts developed, which became a big part of the show even though this was PBS. Anyway the men ended up lovign it and the women hated it totally. I actually thought the whole thing ranked up there with dopey tv.


I kind of liked DS9. Though as Star Trek goes I think it is the worst. I thought the Emissary bit was very wierd and I had trouble suspending disbelief.


I watched Survivor once. I thought it was very vicious and didn't like it. OTOH, I know people who watch these sorts of things for certain reasons. A friend of mine watches the Apprentice and finds it fascinating. I'm sure neither of us are in the demographic for these shows.


Funny thing as I have gotten older, I watch more tv. I like the background noise. A lot of time I just have the tv on. Actually just realized this is since I moved to Albuquerque where it is so much quieter than Chicago. I used to hear the el train out my window, lots of traffic noises, sirens all day and night. Since I moved here things are very quiet. I think I might miss a certain amt. of noise or just got used to it.


Sorry I made you all feel guilty for not watching more dopey tv. ;-)




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