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Liberal Tv And Radio Shows?

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Are they out there? So far only Joel Osteen & NPR's "Speaking of Faith" have been recommended to me.


What about liberal ministers who "podcast" sermons on the web?


I am very much interested in finding these resources for myself and my site.


Also, would you consider contacting Sirius and XM radio? They have politically left, right, and moderate talk stations so they might consider doing so religiously. (I made of point of explaining that the bulk of what is out there for Christian broadcasting is anathema to theologically liberal folks.)



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Great question. I have long lamented the lack of a liberal religious voice on TV or radio. And, given the overwhelming power of media in today's world, it is no wonder that fundamentalism, with its tremendous media presence, is ascendant. And I'm sorry I have NO resources to contribute to this discussion.

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Book TV on CSPAN2 on Saturday and Sundays all day.It isn't exclusively liberal. But there are liberal and conservative voices, some religious and some strongly social justice oriented. There are authors who discuss their books. I really like this.

I admit to being geeky though. :-)




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I was just reading a letter to the editor in sojourners magazine that mentioned "Day 1" formerly called "protestant Hour", It says Day 1 airs every week on 160 radio stations proclaiming the moderate/progressive Christian faith. Does anyone know anything about this. bobve2

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The problem is massive since US radio & TV in general is worthless & intellectually bankrupt & liberals find it hard to organise & unite - too individualistic. Prog Christians need to get together to fund some pro-people stations. Groups like Pax Christi, Catholic Worker, NCR, etc. are disregarded by the corporate media. They may need to be more assertive

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