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Sins Of Scripture


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I just got this yesterday. I just started it. Right now, he is in the process of revealing ways that the literalistic reading of the Bible has been used to bring evil into this world in the name of God. I have yet to see where he goes with it. But I understand that he will probably end up with something like Borg's Reading the Bible Again for the First Time. So far, it's pretty basic.


Anyone else got this?


Overstock.com has it for cheap. And where there is cheap, there is me.

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I've got this book and have read most of it. Your right the book is "pretty basic." I find Spong's arguments simplistic most of the time. I find that Spong generalises too much (e.g. when he makes the claim and tries to argue that Paul was a homosexual). I sympathise with Spong's sentiments but think that he leaves himself open for harsh criticism simply by the way he argues. At least in his new book he brings to our consciousness the "terrible/sinful" texts that exist in Scripture - passages that fundamentalists and conservatives need to deal with but often try to avoid. For that he has done well. However, I still think that we would get more by reading people like Borg and Crossan.

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