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There are a few people on here who seem to enjoy dialoging with non-Progresssive Christians here, be they Fundamental Catholic or more Evangelical Protestant. I view the Debate issue forum as more for us Progressives to offer differing views with one another..but perhaps there could be a NEW forum created/added here espcially for Progressive/Fundamental Christianity dialog.




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Guest admin

Well, the hope was that the debate forum could encompass all degrees of "respectful disagreement." It would be hard to start trying to categorize exactly where a person falls on the prog/conservative scale... in many cases, one person may fall into many categories, depending on the exact topic at hand and the time of day!


We do welcome all varieties of opinion and belief here, so if you are mostly just looking to dialog with other progressive Christians, you might consider staying in the Prog Christian forum and avoid the debate forum. Or just block out the posters who annoy you.


If someone completely waylays a discussion in the debate forum, you might just move it over to the prog Christian forum and continue it there.


Sorry that things have been so tense for you around here lately. Of course you know that you are completely welcome here, and I hope that your disagreements with a few will not lead you to deprive the entire community of your viewpoints, thoughts, etc.

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Thanks monica,


You have always been great to me here. I will in the near future the unfriendly vibes here will cease. Hopefully those of a more non-Progressive nature with post on the debate forum instead of just the regular Prog forum.


Thanks again:)

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