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From The Title Of This Forum, Tell Us Unto What You Are Attempting To "Progress."


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Yes, The Revised 8 Points herein this Site reviewed lovely notions.

Number 1.) Spoke of "Following the Path of Jesus."  Now tell me, Progressives, how do you follow the Path of Jesus?  Give 5 specific material actions you routinely complete which imitate the actions of Jesus. 

You should know that mere talk and ideology are not material actions.  And, also know that John 14:12 records Jesus Himself stating those who "Believe in Me" will both replicate and exceed His material works.  John 14:12.  Be entirely brave and bold to look up this reference all by yourself, before trying to share and speculate.

Then, tell us how you "Follow the Path of Jesus."


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I try to forgive others

I try to turn the other cheek 

I try to take the plank out of my own eye

I try to love my neighbor

I try to treat others as I would like to be treated

Peace & goodwill, Jenson.

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Compassion and love for all living things. 

I came to Christianity through the study of the brain, the body, and human behaviour. 

All behaviour is understandable, which means all behaviour can be viewed through a lense of compassion. It's that sense of compassion that brought me to Christ. 

It was the lack of compassion that drove me away from organized "Christianity" for decades.  

Eventually, I realized I can be a Christian on my own terms, find my own place in the world of religion, and promote compassion and love. 

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Seems to me that Jesus gave two "great commandments", (Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-312, Luke 10:25-28, etc), which were to love God, and love your neighbor as yourself.

The rest, basically, is waffle.

For me, the idea of God is pretty elastic. As it is for the Church, from fundamentalists on the one hand to Quakers and Unitarians on the other (where you don't really need to believe in any kind of God at all). 

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I try to  follow the path that Jesus taught  the kingdom of God is within you .So I work  on my psychology  trying  to overcome the beam in my eye which is our ego.  Letting  my eye be single  Seeing that   black and white thinking ,is the cause of most of the problems in the world the knowledge of good and evil . I understand what Paul meant when he said, " I die daily " and work on that .. Seeing my limiting beliefs that hold me back and  attempting to  let them go . 

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I've touched on this before, but I'm wanting Christianity to progress to a point where Christians are known by their love. The book Hijacking Jesus talks about how the religious right distorts Christianity and promotes prejudice and hate, which is what Christians are known for. 

1. I know what the fruit of the Spirit is, display them, and know this comes from God

2. I turn the other cheek, and pray for my enemies. When I can't, I pray for me. 

3. I try to treat others as if they were Christ, the Namaste "the God within me bows to the God within you."

4. I have chosen professions and positions of service - teaching, working with imigrants, people with mental illness. As a result, I don't have a lot of money nor has wealth ever been my objective. I'm happy with enough. 

5. I call Christians out who abuse the bible or condemn others. 

6. An atheist may start talking to me thinking we are about to go head to head in debate, but find out that I agree a lot with what they say, and more importantly, listen. And I respect their beliefs. You see the walls come down, and let them see a different kind of Christianity

7. I live by example, focusing on the log in my eye, than the dust in another's. . 






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Seems to me that that's the main commandment; Jesus sums up his teaching in Matthew 22: 35-40 (and elsewhere). Apart from loving God (and who knows who God is - I see Him/Her as in everything, it's existence itself) the commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself (and that's not just the person next door).

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