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The Course In Miracles

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I am reading the text of a new interpretation of the Bible provided by a resurrected Jesus published by "The Foundation for Inner Peace". I find this a clearer, more practical, and more modern interpretation than the one based on the "Fundamentals", the popular interpretation written early in the 20th Century and currently being broadly questioned in progressive circles.


Brother Rog has expressed the view that this is "New Age" What does that mean? Is "New Age" religion unchristian? In what respect? Is it outside the scope of prgressive Christianity? What about the "Sea of Faith" movement in Britain? where does this post-modern view fit in? Is Westar Institute beyond the pale?


In God I Trust,


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I don't really care to engage in a debate/discussion re: The Course on Miracles (to my mind it is outside of the progressive Christianity ballpark), however the following are weblinks to various Christian critiques of this movement/phenomenon. Most all of these sources have a far more conservative understanding of Christianity than I do, but they do lift up some of the problematic issues with the Course on Miracles:

http://www.equip.org/free/DC720.htm (from the Christian Research Institute)












(You'll have to copy and paste these web addresses into your address bar.)

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Brother Rog:

I fully appreciate your reasons for your reply, and I thank you for the references you have provided. I am continuing to find the course a challenge, and have suggested it to Steve as a What about Books entry for study at a future date.



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Brother Rog;

I researched the URL's you suggested and found them quite at variance with the URL of the Foundation for Inner Peace, the sponsors of <www.facim.org>. Have you checked their web page?


As you have recognised, I started a topic on the Book,but with little interest being forthcoming.


I will continue my interest, but not on this Message Board.



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