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Rich Christians In An Age Of Hunger


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Anyone read this? It was hugely popular at my Evangelical alma mater (Wheaton College) but I never actually got around to reading it. I just picked it up today. With parenthood approaching rapidly I don't know how soon I'll get to it, but I'll see what I can do!

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Fred, great book! Not only have I read it, but I took courses with Ron at Eastern Seminary in Philadelphia. Ron Sider balances social justice and concern for the poor and needy with evangelical faith quite effectively, I believe.


I don't agree with some of his more traditional beliefs, but deeply respect his stances on social justice, peace, the environment, and ethics.


Also, Ron lives in Philadelphia and is actively involved in transformational urban ministry.


Rich Christians is a classic text on social justice and cultivating concern for not only the third world, but the least and the lost here in our own nation.


I found one of his opening illustrations in the book to be quite powerful and humbling at the same time- comparing all that we Americans enjoy and often take for granted that people living in the third world do not have- such as adequate clothing, healthcare, even electricity and running water.


The statistics and demographic information have been updated in the most recent edition, and provide stark evidence of American extravagence and also of the vastly different consumer-oriented cultural perspective that we have in comparison to most of the rest of the world.


In addition to Ron's books, a few others from similar perspectives that are worth checking out are those of:


Jim Wallis(author of God's Politics)


and Ray Bakke(author of The Urban Christian).






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