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Notifications - how to access them?

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Is there a way for a person to access their notification list after viewing them once?

I have a notification button on the top near right hand corner of my computer screen when I'm in this forum. When I have notifications it shows up as a red button with a number in it indicating the number of notifications I have. If the number is 3 or 6, I can only go to one of the notifications on this list. Once I have clicked on the red button once, the button goes away, and I can't just go to the next notification on the list when I am done reading and or replying to the first one.

I'm having to write down, by hand, all the notifications in these lists and then navigate the web-forum until I can find the topics and subtopic threads that I am getting notifications from, and then scroll down on that topic thread until I find the comment or reply that caused the notification(s).

What do other people do?... and is there a way to access the list of notifications once the little red button has been clicked once and then disappears from the computer screen?

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Yes it just shows up once and shows someone has quoted you. Always has.  Just click on unread content and you will find the rest much faster after going to the first one. It will bring you to your first unread post. If you have to many unread posts just click on forum read if you don't want to read anymore in that particular forum.

Also you can go to the Activity /All Activity tab and it will show you the latest posts to earliest which makes it real easy to find the posts since you last visit.

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Thanks, I'll give it all a try.

Is there a 'How to use this site/forum page' or something like that? I've found things like I'm only allowed so many likes or what ever, (still don't know how many), so now I'm not knowing how to use them and wondering if I should save them for the comments that I really, really, really like and not just use them for a 'Thanks for the reply' or I just like it, or something like that.


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There is a limit of 2 for regular members and 3 for senior members members per day.  Use them as you see fit. There are different parameters such as flood control (searches) number of posts allowed per day for members and senior members and  for site sponsors . Site sponsor benefits can be found here ... http://tcpc.ipbhost.com/topic/4350-help-our-annual-october-fund-raiser/

The differences for other classifications is not listed but you will know if you hit a limit such as editing time, posts etc. 

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