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2020 - New Year's Resolutions


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Anybody here planning on making any New Years resolutions?  Of course we don't need a special time of year and of course most resolutions fail within the first month, but is anybody else having a crack in 2020?

I have several personal resolutions about things that are private (family & relationships mainly), but some of my less private ones include better personal financial management (I'm digging myself out of a huge global financial crisis hole and might not make it - financially speaking only), losing 20kgs in weight (I'm a solid built 6'2" guy who weighs 110kg), a fresh focus on my occupation now that certain threats have been removed (long story), and I would like to learn Indonesian as my wife and I love visiting there and would like to spend our years 1/2 there and 1/2 here in Australia in years to come (a fair way off at this point).  Guitar and harmonica are on the list too but more as 'stretch' targets and I doubt they will eventuate :)

One TCPC Forum-specific resolution is that I would like to start 2020 with a refreshed view of everybody participating here and leave behind past experiences.  I plan to approach my posts in a different manner and to be more at peace when others have their view, even when I see it differently.  I plan to argue/discuss a point no more than one or two posts and let the rest just 'be'.  

Maybe I will find myself asking more often "WWJD - What Would Joseph Do" as I value his approach and attitude and the private conversations we have had along the way.  Thanks mate! :) .  And you too Rom, I value your contributions and the questions you propose - they make me think.

I find value in this forum and part of me suspects the hesitancy for others to get involved may be the certainty with which I and others often post.  I imagine it can be daunting for some when really I feel this forum should be more an invitation, rather than a soapbox.  So to that end I want to change how I post and respond.  Hopefully you will all see a difference.

Peace & goodwill to all (I mean that) and Happy 2020 to all.  See you next year!

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Haven't made a New Years resolution in many many years. When i see a need or have a strong desire to make a firm decision to do or not do something in my life, i usually start at that time rather than putting it to a future time or naming it . I started an exercise regimen at the gym here in the Villages a little over a year ago to keep in shape and enjoy the exercise and comradery of multiple golf games each week. I guess one could say that was a resolution. Unfortunately? or fortunately?, i have nothing that i feel that needs a firm resolution at this time though after reading Paul's list it would be nice to learn a new musical instrument. I can already make noise on the guitar and harmonica but some kind of keyboard would be nice to learn. Even another language would be nice but none of this is moving me at this point. 😄 I pretty well have all that i need and no burning desire to do anything new that calls for a New Years resolution at this time. 

I'm still working (if one wants to call it that) on my private resolution that i made in 1980 and continuing to make progress in, howbeit, sometimes it is slow and appears to have rest periods and backward movements at times.😊 What i am now is a product of that resolution  and i am content and at peace with whatever transpired or will transpire..

Here's wishing everyone here the desires of their heart. (resolutions or not) Anyway, live , die, sink or swim ..... it is all good.  Just sayin🙂

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On 12/30/2019 at 7:25 AM, Burl said:

My resolution is to take a once in a lifetime vacation.  Considering Cairo, Kyoto, London or Florence

I went on a once in a lifetime vacation a couple of years ago - Never again! :)

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Last summer did China, Romania, Netherlands, Latvia and England *with a walk in Wales

Halfway through I wished I was on a plane back to Canada …  got second wind though after that. 


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3 hours ago, Burl said:

🤣  Good one!  How are you dealing with the fires.

Personally we are not threatened at all where we live (I live about an hour south of Perth on the West Coast), but there is nothing but the fires on the news and in the paper', so it is all anybody is talking about.  Our main supply line across the country has been cut off for a few days now so that may impact a little.  


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