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Why the Calendar of the Torah Was 360 Days and How the Autumn Appointed Times of the Torah Relate to the Second Coming


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Hey guys, I just created this account and would like to share a bible study I did regarding the calendar of the Torah. The bible study is in written or video format. In this bible study I discuss why the ancient calendar of the Torah was a 360 day calendar, why the calendar of the Torah was based on the moon, what the "new moon" of the Torah was, why the months of the Torah were 30 days, why the current official Jewish calendar is different than the ancient calendar of the Torah, how to determine when "New Moon One" of the Torah is in our current calendars, why the Messiah would've died on a Wednesday before a High Shabbath and not on a Friday before the weekly Shabbath, what the main appointed times of the Torah are, how the appointed times of the spring of the Torah relate to the first coming of the Messiah, how the appointed times of the autumn relate to the second coming of the Messiah, and how the seven trumpets of Revelation and the seven bowls of Revelation and what is commonly called the "rapture" all relate to the autumn appointed times of the Torah. Check it out here XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Note:    (I'm sorry but the link was removed as we do not allow other sites to be advertised or referenced here free of charge) You may include a paragraph or two here to debate , reference a short youtube video to discuss, etc but nothing of the magnitude of the link you posted (Wisdom of God Site) unless you are a sponsor of this site.

JosephM (as Admin)

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