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HELP our annual October Fund raiser


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As site owner I am again  looking for 11 other Members besides myself wishing to sponsor a month to take us to September of next year. As Site Sponsor you will receive some special perks for 1 year.  Our hosting fees runs $20 per month and to keep the site operating without being a burden on a single person (PaulS or myself). The site depend on the generosity of Site Sponsors. No pressure but if you find this site useful in any way or wish to help keep this a resource for internet guests and use by members your donation of a month fee would be appreciated. As a perk you receive....

* "Site Sponsor" in your avatar to indicate you are a Site Sponsor and helping to financially support this forum's mission by helping to bear the cost of one months Internet hosting fee (presently 20.00/month)

* Flood control limitations removed from your searches

* Increased post editing time from 30 to 60 minutes

* Increased number of posts allowed in a 24 hour period to 100

* Can view who gave reputation points and some other limits increased.

*Access to a Private Site Sponsors Sub-Forum (not visible to the public or regular members where you can talk more openly to other sponsors and have a say concerning the operation of this forum.

 * Free advertisement of a book or paper you authored displayed for 12 months as an image with a link to a purchasing site


You can PayPal at jmattioli@hotmail.com or PM me for where you can send a check if you are interested, able and willing to help support your forum and its mission by being a Site Sponsor for a year by making a one time $20.00 donation. There is no requirement to do so to be a member of this community  . Please note that if you are outside the US it would be necessary to use paypal as our bank charges an outrageous fee for cashing out of country checks. Again PayPal your support to jmattioli@hotmail.com


Joseph Mattioli (JosephM),

TCPC Discussion Board Owner/Administrator

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Still looking for 7 monthly sponsors. You can be a guest who enjoys reading this forum or a member. Your support helps to keep this forum online as a database wealth of views  and information. Don't forget it includes an advertising spot on threads for your paper or book or site . Won't be asking again here in the news but your financial support of 20.00 keeps this forum alive. More information in 1st post of this thread HERE ....------->>>>>


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