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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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        I can scarcely believe that this series is considered 15+.  It is even not fit for adults.  To begin with I'm not a fundamentalist Christian.  I am rather liberal on faith.  But this time, after watching entertainment for teens (and adults) degenerate progressively, I decided to act.  Here goes:
        I watched all the episodes of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in mounting disbelief.  The very blood curdling nature of this series seemed controversial from the beginning.  The constant stream of blasphemies against the Christian religion would have been shrugged off as just another teen horror show had it not been for the obviouis pattern of parodying sacred scripture.
        Aside from the language itself that replaced such expressions as Heaven's sake with Hell's sake and Hail Satan instead of Hail Mary or Praise God and the effort to make Satanism seem innocent cutesy fun, there were the following parodies of of sacred  events: (1) A Satanic parody of the manger scene; (2) Satanic counterpart to the three wise men; a parody of the birth of Christ symbolized  by Sabrina herself; a parody of the Passion of Christ, His death, and resurrection (also portrayed by Sabrina.  After these horrors, Sabrina performed miracles in imitation of Christ, including resurrection and several other amazing feats.  Rising from the floor, as if to show her true form, she then became the archfiend, herself, and incinerated two angels, allegedly sent by the False God.  Constantly this title is used for the Christian (and by tradition the Judaic faith).  Angels, like God, are portrayed as evil.  Among the many things wrong with  this series, too numerous to list, was Lilith's (the principle) parody of Adam's rib, which in this case comes from her and is implanted in her own private zombie.
        There is nothing innocent or cute about this series.  Satanists are portrayed as another persecuted group, while Christianity is portrayed as a the persecutor.  This is obscene.  Throughout the series there is no effort to hide the inherent evil in this show.  Even the lame effort to show that Sabrina was merely under the spell of Lilith does not lessen Sabrina's role.  Strangely enough the writer's and producers of this epoch were more accurate with Satanic mumbo jumbo than facts about Christianity.  The Dark Lord claims that Christianity was born in Megiddo.  In the last episode in which Sabrina seemed destined to become Queen of Hell, the fear was that the Apocalypse would open the gates of Hell.  The real Doomsday Calendar that conservative Christians believe will usher in an Antichrist, False Prophet, Scarlet Woman, and End Days, is replaced by a murky, muddled Apocalypse for both witches and mortals alike, who would suffer the wrath of Satan.  No mention is made of God's wrath, for, after all, in their eyes, he is the false God.
        In the Bible it states plainly "Suffer ye not a witch."  Even by the  most liberal standard, Satanism must be considered evil--hardly the material for both youngsters and adults.  There is no such thing as a good witch or warlock.  It is bad enough that they have desensitized young people with their programming, now they make it seem as if Satanism is just another, carefree romp for teens.  If this had been a humorous satire, it would merely be blasphemous to various faiths.  Now, such programming, as typified by the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is becoming dangerous to young minds!  
---- Seeker

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You didn't like this, but you still watched all the episodes?

There is a topic for introductions.  This topic does say 'Complaints' but it's really for technical complaints not just general gripes.

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