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New age and paganism


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3 hours ago, Dee said:

do you draw from the new age and pagan paths and if so, how?

I don't think I do in particular.  I sometimes enjoying a tarot reading, but don't really hold a lot of confidence in that.  Perhaps I embrace paganism as well as I find it as simply another way of trying to capture that of which we don't really understand (kind of like philosophy I guess).  I think all religions are trying to find answers about things we feel, but don't know why we may feel them.

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Well Jesus Christ  2000 years ago brought forth a new age  that can't be denied .Look at the known history before Jesus and look at the world today how far mankind has come .  Jesus questioned the established church  its doctrines its priests who were keeping the people trapped  that they alone where the mediators between God and man . Jesus brought forth new higher teachings about God  , heaven  that went against the established norms of the Jews then . Ironic people  today  aren't willing to accept any higher teachings on God thinking they only have to follow their church doctrines just as the Jews thought .When Jesus said , " There are many things I could say , but you aren't ready for them  now " That was 2000 years ago when will people be ready ? 

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I draw a lot from Canadian Indigenous "ways of knowing", which have been passed down through oral tradition for tens of thousands of years. 

I really enjoy a concept of divinity from before humans gathered in large societies. Because nature was the biggest force they dealt with, not other people, the spirituality revolves primarily around nature. 

They also have a profound tradition of forgiveness and restorative justice. Obviously this has been heavily eroded over the past few hundred years, but I still see current day accounts that can bring me to tears. 

I recently listened to an entire podcast about Indigenous men offering support and friendship to other Indigenous men in prison who had committed violent crimes against them and their families. 

The victims were helping the convicted offenders, and by the time they had finished their prison sentence, they were like brothers, and sometimes chose to live together after the release so that the offenders could be best supported in their post prison transition. 

Forgiveness and love. Isn't that the whole point of why we're all here?

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