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8 minutes ago, Dee said:

Do you use the label progressive? Or do you just call yourself a Christian?

I prefer to call myself a follower of Jesus.  Christian and Progressive are terms that carry a lot of baggage I would rather avoid.

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I don't actually like to label myself as anything in particular, although I acknowledge that Christianity is my foundational culture and progressive Christianity fits for me because one of its main tenets is to reach out to those for whom organized religion has proved ineffectual, irrelevant, or repressive, as well as to those who have given up on or are unacquainted with it.  That particularly fits for me as a born and bred fundamental Christian who threw it all away at 19 but who at 40 revisited my position on many things.  I personally found progressive Christianity and the members who inhabited this site back then (about 8 years ago) to be particularly helpful, embracing and compassionate during that troubling time and my hope is that this forum and its archives will remain for others who may also face such issues in their lives.

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