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NDEs and ADCs: Their Evidential Value for Christian Apologetics


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Gospel Resurrection reports can be linked with eyewitness testimony and I will demonstrate how in other posts.  But at their best, modern NDEs and ADCs [= after-death communications] provide anecdotal evidence that is superior to the eyewitness connections with Jesus' resurrection appearances because the witnesses are often available for interviews.  This thread will explore the most evidential NDEs and ADCs to demonstrate why I find them so compelling.  Many of these testimonies are unpublished experiences of people I have personally encountered or known well.  In the course of presenting these cases, I will survey their biblical precedents.

(1) SHARED DEATH EXPERIENCES:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Shared-Death experiences take the evidential merit of NDEs to a higher level because one or more witnesses are healthy spectators who share the dying patient's NDE, including variously the encounter with the Being of Light and deceased relatives and even the dying patient's past life review!  Some of these testimonies rival Gospel resurrection stories in empirical and physical features.  In a recent interview, Dr. Raymond Moody, the father of modern NDE research, mentions that he actually shared in features of his own mother's NDE.  For a brief summary of these amazing experiences, watch the short YouTube video entitled  "Dr. Raymond Moody on Shared Death Experiences."  For a brief eyewitness account of a Shared-Death experience, watch Dr. Scott Taylor's brief YouTube testimony entitled "Present!- Scott Taylor: A Shared Near-Death"  [I failed in my attempt to post the URL link directly!]

Several more NDEs and ADCs to follow.

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(2) A friend (Roger) who is a HUD executive at the Federal government was given an old  book by a fellow employee called "Lighted Passage" (1950),  It's a book written by Presbyterian minister, Rev. Howell Vincent about the tragic death of his daughter Rea on her honeymoon.  At one point Vincent's family had a shared ADC with his late wife, Nellie, a visit that has all the hallmarks of the most impressive of Jesus' resurrection appearances.  Though an agnostic, Roger finds this testimony the most convincing ADC he has ever encountered, perhaps because he knows a member of Vincent's family:

"On at least 2 occasions this radiant mother came to Rea in visible, tangible form and talked with her (Nellie).  In 1933, I  was privileged  to be present at one of these heavenly visits by Mother Nellie.  Together with Rea I talked with Nellie, fully recognizing her face and form and voice.  I saw her place her hand on Rea's head in blessing. and  I saw her give Rea a flower, a calendula. which we pressed and kept.  At that time, 3 other members of our family were present, including Rea's second mother, Agnes, and they all saw Nellie and talked with her, as Rea and I did. We were wide awake and walked about the room with Nellie (p. 25)."

The deceased spirit's sharing of a keepsake, the calendula, has precedent in my experience.  I wonder what a microscopic examination of this flower from an etheric realm would find!  I'll discuss other example of this phenomenon in another post.


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