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Biblical Sexuality


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I have recently finished the 1st draft of my new book, "Biblical Sexuality" well maybe not Biblical but my understanding of what the Bible teaches on sexuality. I am more than happy to make it freely available in PDF format for those interested. As someone who has  a living faith and in a triad relationship with 2 women we have spend years being bombarded and shamed by religious fanatics that tell us our life style is outside the Biblical model of a Godly relationship. The book is a result of my own personal study and inspiration from others in similar relationships.

Below is the Table of contents.
Christian Sexual Conflicts
The Church and the Problem of Pleasure
Marriage, Monogamy, and the Power Structure of Institutional Christianity
The Gospel of Christ, Sexual Liberty and Fulfillment
How Sex Was Made Sin
Lust or Covet
What is Sexual immorality?
Fornication (Singles’ Sexuality) is Not a Biblical Conflict
Sex and Other Religions
What About Love
Sex as Communion
Additional Reading
About Us

If your interested in a free copy you can email me at: terryjohns@live.ca


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On ‎2018‎-‎03‎-‎27 at 9:57 AM, apexcone said:

As someone who has  a living faith and in a triad relationship with 2 women we have spend years being bombarded and shamed by religious fanatics

Here's my take on this aspect of people's lives.

The government, the law, neighbours etc should stay out of the bedroom of consenting adults.

You no doubt are aware of the Winston Blackmore debacle in your neighbouring BC. When the government went after Blackmore for the first time they had to shop around for a prosecutor. I am sure they got him on some detail the second time around, plus polygamy is against the law of the land regardless of whether it should be or not. It was interesting, the first time around there was some concerns expressed from families that were practicing polyandry. (Why a woman would want more than one husband beats me). Societally we don't seem too concerned with the much rarer polyandrous relationships but for some reason we are concerned with polygyny.

There are pragmatic aspects to polygyny especially if it became wide spread. Not sure how it could be dealt with,  without reducing women to chattel. 

The tricky bit for me is how the young are dealt with. This is where the law probably needs to be applied and perhaps clarified. From my perspective what Blackmore did was bordering or crossing into abuse with respect to the young. Of course some wives have left and say they felt abused as well primarily because it is difficult to leave with your kids.

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We have followed the case with interest. Our situation is a little different. Firstly no kids involved, and Coco is my wife's Japanese girlfriend, so legally it leaves me out the loop, as legally i'm still married to 1 wife. It just so happens that they are both bi-sexual. Its been working well for several years and neither of us plans on walking away.

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