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Former Ordained Conservative Fundamentalists

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I haven’t visited here in quite a while. I’m glad to be back today but don’t know for how long. 

Frankly, I’m not sure that I fit any labels any more and I’m good with it. I find the contrast from the labels I once fit and where I am today kind of comical. Now I follow the life and teaching of Jesus but for several years have rejected the label Christian, I am a medical marijuana patient (so perhaps Pothead fits lol), I’m involved in social justice activism, and don’t believe I’ve found anything better socially and politically than Socialism so perhaps Socialist. I have people who I love and consider close friends from just about every group of people who it seems fundamentalists love to hate and certainly reject, marginalize, and disenfranchise, and stigmatize. 

On top of all that I have Adjustment Disorder from from everything I was put through in the church and all the school changes I experienced as a child. Working in State Government hasn’t helped this either.

 I’m struggling a bit right now because I’m becoming a bit overwhelmed by more changes that have been happening lately and lack progress in both my work and personal life.

Sorry to dumb this on you all but I don’t currently have anyone to talk to.




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Hi Tom

I am not sure what you are quite after here. I don't think the US as a whole has a good grasp on what socialism is. On the other hand Socialism (note the upper case S) may have some dogmas associated with it. 

Wither way I wish you the best ... but I am far from sure the benefit of my wishes.


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Welcome Tom and don't worry about labels. But social justice and friends you love, including among those of us who are marginalized - not bad at all. 

Stick around start a conversation or join in on one that might be of interest. Sometimes we burn ourselves out after an extended back and forth but eventually we get back to it.



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Welcome back Tom, even if just for a visit.

Labels are an interesting thing - we seem to like to apply them to help us organise things nice and neatly, yet most of the time these labels get blurred, crossover, or update to more fitting ones.  Whatever the case, you are you, whether you wear a label or not.

Sometimes labels do help communicate our position/beliefs/opinions, and sometimes they confuse.  To me 'God' seems to be the ultimate label of confusion and one that is always held tightly by small likeminded groups who want to be 'right'.  

I probably wear bits and pieces of dozens of labels, none of which probably fit precisely with somebody else's opinion of what that label should mean.  Who cares.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, just keep breathing and smile.  You'll come out the other side eventually.  Enjoy the love you have and share with your friends.  That is all that matters.

Take care.


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I am convinced that in most situations labels are at best unhelpful. Often we are viewed through the labels we accept. And more importantly it seems to be human nature that when we accept a label we tend to work to become that label.



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