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Is Anyone Here From Southern Ca?


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I too am in Southern California, but I will not say that I am from here. I was born and grew up in Texas, and was educated in Illinois. I am reasonably happy here for the time being, but wish to move back to the midwest someday.

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Actually I guess I'd have to say I'm "in" southern Cal too, as I was actually born in Chicago and raised in Kansas City, MO. I like it here, though it took a little getting used to CA's unique four seasons: fire, flood, escrow, and the Academy Awards.




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Alas, Fred, it was employment that took me out of Chi-Town. Furthermore, it was my wife's employment. I became what is know in academic families as the trailing spouse.


I do miss that Chicago-Style Pizza, and I miss spring. Californians think they have spring, but it really isn't spring if it doesn't follow winter. I miss noticing how warm it is when it gets back into the 40's and 50's. I miss being able to get places without having to drive. (God bless the El.) And I miss the occasional weekday afternoon baseball game at Wriggley Field. (The Dodgers have only 3 weekday afternoon games this season. Plus, the famous Dodger-dogs are sorry in comparison to the Polish sausage you get at Wriggley.)


BTW, your profile says you are in the NW suburbs. I used to teach at Oakton Community College.

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So, does anybody actually STAY in Chicago, then?  :lol:  Wishing more of you were here!


Nah! :-)

I am happy to have left (can you say winter). However, I will always think fondly of my time in Chicago. There are some things I miss (like archetecture and pizza). :-)




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