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I wonder if anybody here has any humorous stories (or concerns) about the appearance of the number 666 in places.

I was reminded today when a read a Facebook post by a character called Horus Gilgamesh who's FB page "Awkward Moments Children's Bible" pops up on my feed.  He has recently moved back to the midwest in the US and was recounting a story about a service station attendant who thought it was like a mini miracle that his fuel bill came to a precise dollar amount ($30 to be precise).  This attracted comments from readers who'd experienced issues when the digits 666 came up in a bill, including not being served unless they bought additional items as their bill was $6.66 etc.

Even in Australia I've heard the odd comment about somebody refusing a phone number with 666 in it or a car registration number showing 666, but was never sure if they were true stories or not.

Anybody here experienced such?

Of course, there is argument that the 'true' number of the beast should actually be 616, but let's not let the facts get in the way of any good stories! 

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I leave the number 666 or 616 to the mathematicians. :) To me, i found it just another side road on the journey. There are indeed people here in the US, who, in my view are obsessed with it as they are with "The Catching away" or so called " Rapture" .


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