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Newly reborn unto Christ.


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Hi everyone, you may call my Davy, Dave, David, or whatever you like ;) I'm a newly baptised Australian Christian, and am seeking like-minded family in the Lord. My current family seemed to judge me very critically, as I divulged my past during a prayer meeting last night. I felt really put off by this because I was pouring out my heart and being open and trusting of which I've struggled in the past, and which made me feel like shutting down again. I'm suffering from a number of conditions due to emotional pain from past abusers, and of my past in general which has been very trying. But with the help of the Lord Almighty, I hope to overcome all my issues and settle into a good year of study at university this year where I'm enrolled in English with a major in Writing. 

I have some physical issues which are debilitating to some extent, and am on a disability pension for my past mental health issues (which re-occur occasionally) but also am on the autism spectrum and for this reason will seek to have my pension reinstated on this basis. I'm boarderline level 2 aspie which means that I do need support to live properly. I need others and have suffered from suicidal depression in the past. From which I've attempted several times, and have since put some effort into bettering myself. I'm hoping for much help from the Lord, in being self sufficient, and capable of completing my studies this year, and hopefully into the future, for I really need to complete this course in order to honour my Mother who wishes I could complete a course instead of dropping out through hardships.

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I wish you well in your studies and hope you succeed in what you're working toward.

There are many different views here about Christianity and lots of discussion around what it means for different people.  We are all on our own journey and have all had our different experiences, which often makes for discussions that might not usually make it into many church prayer meetings.  ?

I hope you enjoy participating here and perhaps even have a look at some of the previous discussions held.



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8 hours ago, DavyCrockett said:

Hi everyone, you may call my Davy, Dave, David, or whatever you like

First David, welcome.

Your introduction brought a smile to my face as Davy Crockett was (and remains) one of my childhood favorites. We use to play 'guns' as little kids (in the late 50s/early 60s so it was totally acceptable) and we all wanted to be this character. So one guy would be Davy, another Dave and so on.  Nice memory. More importantly, I wish you well and, again, welcome.

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Thank you for your kind responses: Paul, Joseph, Burl, and thormas.

I'll scope out the threads you mention, and avoid posted to dead topics. I appreciate all the warm welcomes.

Thormus, my grandfather used to call me Davy Crockett :) He's passed away, as of about 7 years ago. 


Kind regards guys, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy reading the various takes on Christianity, and will be sure to contribute in the near future. 

Take care, Davy.

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