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The Psychological Significance of Bible Stories


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First in a series of public lectures on this topic by a Jungian psychologist.  Not theology, but how the Bible expresses universal human themes and archetypes.  If you like Joseph Campbell's wonderful work on mythology this should be right up your alley.


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Thanks for the reminder ... I have been going through a series of Peterson university lectures ... started at about number 18 got to the end and started back at 1 and am at #4. This is a timely reminder to get back on the treadmill.

Not a fan of Jung. Really like Campbell though not that I agree with him that much. This is one of my favourite Campbell quotes ... I'll post it again:


... But the ultimate mystical goal is to be united with one's god. With that, duality is transcended and forms disappear. There is nobody there, no god, no you. Your mind, going past all concepts, has dissolved in identification with ground of your own being, because that to which the metaphorical image of your god refers to the ultimate mystery of your own being, which is the mystery of the being of the world as well.



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