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The world in miniature - Artists for Grenfell


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The link above is to the video released in relation to the Grenfell tower block fire. It is really astonishing the sheer range of comments being made on social media and Newspaper websites. A world in miniature. From "banal" to "moving", from "I've never heard of any of them" to..............well, it just goes on. Really, the NT text comes to mind, the one that speaks of every judgement we make being in a sense a judgement on ourselves.

In the UK the Grenfell fire could become a watershed for fundamental change. Change to what?

One overwhelming image I have is of the firefighters entering the building when the instinct of anyone would be to get as far away as possible. It brought back the very same image from 9/11, when, as the public was running and screaming and panicking (as I would have been) the NY Firefighters were entering the Towers and walking up the stairs. "Heroes" is not adequate.


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Indeed, tragedies like Grenfell seem to bring out both the best and the worst of people.  Overwhelmingly I think we see more of the best than the worst, but still, why others need to be cruel and unkind in the face of so many who feel the hurt is beyond my comprehension.  At the very least, if people have nothing nice to say about it then I wish they would say nothing at all.  

A beautiful film clip Derek.  Thanks for sharing.

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