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Family Anecdotes

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Maybe time for another sermon..... :) Recently I was called upon to give a speech at my daughter's wedding (oh yes, she had had the two little kiddies and now wanted to tie the knot) and the thought filled me with trepidation. "Oh" says Mrs Tariki, "just tell a couple of anecdotes about her when she was young." Problem was I had told them all.......over and over again. Then one old anecdote came to mind, one that I had always kept close to my heart, unshared. Perhaps the time had come to share it. So it formed the basis for my speech - one that was interrupted by my little granddaughter crying out "I'm hungry!" when I was in full flow.......at least I got one laugh.


The anecdote. It was during the days of Band Aid, when every evening on the news we saw pictures of the famines in Ethiopia. I was taking my six year old daughter to school. As we walked along she looked up into the sky and said:- "I wonder if God is up there behind that cloud". Time for the wise dad to speak:-"Oh, God's not like that, God is everywhere". "Cor, he must be a fat bloke" she replied. Then we walked on a little further and she spoke again:-"Why did God create wasps?" Immediately I got the gist of it. A couple of days previously, having sandwiches in the back garden, a few wasps had begun dive bombing us, causing quite a stir. "Oh" says I, the wise father, "we mustn't judge the worth of anything by whether we like them or not. There is a reason why everything has been created." So we walked on and after a couple of minutes of further thought, my little daughter asks:-"Why did God create the people of Ethiopia?"


I'm not sure what I said at the time. Probably some inanity. But all I said at the wedding was that our only answer is the live we lead.


Well, not much of a sermon, more a blog. Where do we put these things?





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