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Hello My Name Is Mark


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I am 52 years young and very new to faith, to cut a long story short I am a recovering addict ( alcohol) who has finally found some peace and serenity ( although there is more to come) in the 12 step program that is AA. One big shift in my thinking is the higher power..in the earlier days of recovery I had not the energy or strength to even start to fight against my reasons to reject the Church or God or Jesus, so I relied on the ability in AA to use the group or the program as the thing that was greater than I that I needed to help me stay sober....now as time passes and I am only (only !!) 4 months sober I feel able to start a journey to faith. I am drawn to the progressive side of things based on my liberal beliefs in society and politics


Anyways I will be here to read, listen and learn...I know nothing only good things happen when I do those things. I am totally open and honest ( new thing for me) but will answer any questions you have, but I suspect I will have more questions for you as time goes by




and thanks for being there, or here, or wherever you are

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Welcome Mark,


I guess we all have our own addictions and it seems to take more than ourselves to get us through. Glad to hear you have found this site and are drawn to the more progressive side of things. Life seems to me a journey that hopefully takes us from tradition and blind faith to a living reality that challenges us and brings us home to a place of peace.


Again welcome and feel free to start a thread on any particular concerns or areas of interest.


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