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Zen Gardens


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More from T S Eliot, these words really struck.......


You can receive this: "on whatever sphere of being
The mind of a man may be intent
At the time of death"—that is the one action
(And the time of death is every moment)
Which shall fructify in the lives of others:
And do not think of the fruit of action.
Fare forward.

Much of the poem (Four Quartets) is above my head, but as one zen master said, there, at the point of not understanding, is your understanding.

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The moment of the rose and the moment of the yew-tree
Are of equal duration


​(T S Eliot)



The only extension to the present is intensity


(Lama Govinda)



One final garden........





I always love something man-made within the natural colours and shapes and blooms.




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