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This picture is a little old now ... 2008


Taken in the Andes (about 5000 m altitude)

In the background there are some dino footprints in positive relief, estimated to be 120 million years old.

So nine years out of date is not bad.

Down the road (0.5 km) on the other side there were some footprints in negative relief.



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A brand new selfie as Tariki/Dookie/Cobblers Apprentice/and lots more, prepares himself for another rousing chorus of "The Wheels on the Bus" ( "The Grand Olde Duke of York" completes my full repertoire )


Hopefully this will earn me a few more minus reputation points and I will be downgraded from "Sage" - the title is beginning to weigh rather heavily on my shoulders.


Regards to all my readers.



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Is that a G7 Chord?? :rolleyes:


Some of the many faces of me.




Is that a Neil Young hat?


No, a plain old G chord, but using my little pinky instead of my third finger on the bottom string - not to get too technical. Picked that tip up watch Paul McCartney when he was strumming "Singing the Blues". Makes a lot of chord switching quicker - much needed on "The Wheels on the Bus"......a tricky two chorder!


My little grandaughter, now 3, loves to play my guitar like a cello. She plucks the strings and laughs at me......hopefully by then I've switched my expensive model for the cheapo picked up from the Charity Shop.


Your first picture above reminds ne of our "unelectable" Jeremy Corbyn.



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