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I Am Still A Baby


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Recently Still Seeking described herself as a Christian Baby.


I can't help thinking of this as a baby step towards a greater realization. And I will quote Joseph Campbell to direct my thought:

... But the ultimate mystical goal is to be united with one's god. With that, duality is transcended and forms disappear. There is nobody there, no god, no you. Your mind, going past all concepts, has dissolved in identification with ground of your own being, because that to which the metaphorical image of your god refers to the ultimate mystery of your own being, which is the mystery of the being of the world as well.


This is also from the Power of Myth


Now I can't help thinking of this as sort of accurate from a scientific point of view. Not that I understand perfectly what Campbell was trying to say.


Well I am still a universal baby. I just can't help thinking aiming to be an Christian Adult (if that is what we are doing here) is potentially limiting.

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Hi Rom, your post suggests many things. First, "spiritual materialism" where the "convert" simply replaces secular ambitions with those considered "spiritual". In the deeps nothing changes.


It suggests the apophatic, where "progress" is seen to be more the stripping away of all we think we know than any accumulation of knowledge.


It suggests the "beginners mind" of zen.


"They who will lose their life shall find it". Tragically, these words are often associated with self-denial.


Anyway, just first thoughts.

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Thanks tariki

Wow I never realized it suggested so much ... :)


I must admit I am not overly familiar with what the four concepts perhaps with the exception of the apophatic (I was familiar with the process but not the word).


To me it suggested the concepts of interbeing and the not-self. Monism in philosophical terms.

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