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Any Sisters In Christ?


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Hi Lissy and Stillseekingod


There are good guys here, but it is also great to have some non-male company :)



I'm a unitarian and am I think attracted to this board because I see value in Christianity that goes beyond mainstream / traditional beliefs, and think as a person of European heritage (I'm speaking ancestors, as I live in New Zealand) - plus someone who survived a very conservative Sunday school -my life has been and still is greatly influenced by Christianity. Oh, and people have interesting things to say...


I'm a Mum of 2 kids, in my 40s


Look forward to getting to know you more





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Late to the party, here.

Another mum of 2 kids, in my 40s.

I'm here because I've been looking for a community that can discuss Christianity alongside biblical criticism and non-theistic concepts of spirituality, without resorting to name-calling and squabbles over semantics.

In home and work life I encounter either Catholics or people unwilling to discuss religion in any depth at all. On most other forums I tend to get labels thrown at me like outfits I should 'try on', as if by refusing to be pigeonholed into a religious or ideological grouping, I've shown up either unacceptably under-dressed or naked.

Still looking around at this stage, but so far I like what I'm reading here...

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