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Hello All!


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My name is Lissy and I'm a 24 year old openly gay universalist Anglican (try saying that five times faster!). I've joined this forum because of the wonderful things my partner StillSeekingGod has said about this place. It's been awhile since I've been part of a liberal Christian community (not since my uni days). My father is an Anglican priest in the Church of England and until recently I've been closeted in my home and at church since I came back from university. While my parents have been accepting and I haven't had any backlash from church as of yet it's nice to be part of a Christian community where I won't be the gossip of the village. I'm certain the assistant Priests daughter coming out as a lesbian caused quite the stir...


I have a degree in theology and religious studies and I'm looking forward to lots of discourse! (most of mine happens at Bible study and prayer group now where my parents and I are the only liberals present...)


Annnyway...peace out!

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Welcome Libby ...


I am agnostic by inclination ... so you can treat me as your adversary ... in the nicest possible way of course. :)



My only adversaries are people who oppress others especially those who use the word of God (any God for that matter) to do so so I think you and I will get along just fine!


Also...the name is Lissy ;)

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Lissy thanks for the introduction. I am glad you are still part of the church because it has to change, grow and expand because if it is not changing that means it is dead. You have a nice way about you that will help Christians evolve from a cult worshiping a personality to a service that helps people discover their love and divinity within.

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Well my full name is Alicia but I use Lissy because even fewer people get Alicia right XD

My actual name is Derek, AKA Dereck, Derrick and various other spellings. Just so long as there is money in my birthday cards I'm OK with any spelling.


Beware........I shudder at Del Boy.

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Even though I responded to a different post, I wanted to say Hello and Welcome.


Also, my apologies as I typed your name correctly but this site auto-corrected to Lisa - which is not your name.


Actually it did it again when I typed it in this post and I almost missed it.


Apologies Lissy.



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