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Extremists Who Spread Hate In The Name Of Religion

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Hello all,

I stumbled across this website and I have found SO many interesting and informative comments on the message boards. This is a wonderful forum for sharing ideas! I'm not a regular message-boards-person, so please forgive me if my wording is awkward or if I don't understand "message board etiquitte" too well... I am just interested in what people think about groups like Fred Phelps & the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) who, via their "love crusades", agressively spread a message of hate to anyone who will listen.


We are expecting the WBC in Plattsburgh, NY this July, and a group of community members (including local political figures, educators, religious leaders) has formed to try to peacefully prepare for the anticipated pickets and all that will come along with them. We have a website that can fill you in about our mission, structure, and events at www.plattsburghforpeace.com, and I'd really love some feedback or ideas from anyone who might have some input or even experience on the subject. If you want to get in touch with me, my email is plattsburgh_peace@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!


Amy MacLeod

Co-Chairperson, Plattsburgh For Peace



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Welcome to TCPC!


Ah yes, Good ol' Fred Phelps! He's done more for gay rights than HRC ever has in his own way. People see how far out he is and it makes them think about gay people and shows them how much hate is really out there.

My all-time favorite response to Fred was the scene in the movie The Laramie Project when Fred protested Matt Shepherd's funeral. Some people made costumes with huge white angel wings. They then stood in between Fred and the TV cameras. All the cameras could see were those silent angels and their wings, they couldn't see Fred or his signs saying "Matt burns in hell".

Fred came to my area once to protest a gay wedding at a chuch. A small group of couter-protestors stood there with signs that said "God loves everyone. Even bigots." It was funny to see people driving by and yelling at Fred through their car windows. Saying things like "Go Home!" and "You wanna tell me why I gotta tell my 4 year old son what a faggot is because you don't have anything better to do!"

Anyway, my advice about Fred is to not give him too much worry. A good group of church folk with some hymn singing is more than a match for him. Maybe you could get a bullhorn and loudly pray for God to "Deliver brother Fred from his hatin' mean ugly ways and return to fellowship in the lovin' arms of Jesus!" Better yet, have a table set up and offer Communion to passersby. The people see Fred's hate next to your Christian love and openness.


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