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Hi everyone,


Amy and I have been subscribers to Jack Spong's columns for several years. We are sad that we will lose his weekly column, but we very much look forward to his new book this March. We continue on a journey that seeks to find religious truths that make good sense in the context of our 21st century world and culture. We are active life-long members of our church and choir. We want the Christian church to continue to change and to become more relevant to life in a largely secular culture.


Our church in Middlebury seeks to serve human needs and to respond to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth in this 21st-century context. We believe that change and religious progress are essential if the Christian Church is to survive, thrive, and serve. We think that church members and attendees need to become better informed about the changes that have been taking place in Christian religious understanding.


We are proud of the role our own church is playing in our community and in this troubled world:



We suspect that the challenges we face in the coming days and years will likely be even greater than ever. But we are optimistic that deeply thoughtful members of the faith community can and will help to meet those challenges.


Peace to all,

John and Amy Emerson

Middlebury, VT



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