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2 hours ago, romansh said:

Yes it is fascinating … and the back story of the model is also. Speaking of cinnabar … it has been postulated she died of mercury poisoning, intentional or otherwise in that mercury [compounds] were widely used as cosmetics at that time.

Also in the Christian tradition there are variety classes of angels. Up to ten according to Billy Graham. 

"The colours of the angels are most likely not coincidental. The three blue cherubs are believed to represent purity and air, while the six red seraphs are thought to symbolise love and fire. On closer scrutiny, it appears that just one group of angels actually touches Mary's throne." From

All the angels are cherubs.  The purpose of cherubim is to guard holy things.  Cherubim have two wings while seraphim have six and are fiery.

Cherubim are not babylike.  The pagan Sphinx or Griffin is closer to the biblical cherub.  God instructs Moses in Exodus to put cherubs on the Ark of the Covenant and to embroider them on the curtains of the tabernacle, which would indicate that the physical representation was early and not a secret.

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