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What You Do To The Least Of These........

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Let's set the tone of my sentimentalizes here from the the first by speaking to you wonderful people of something that is near and dear to my heart. That is the intent within which we all encounter other people. What is it that we want to relay to them. One of hope and understanding or one of authority and rigidity?


Do we, when we extend our hands, close our hands and extend only our index finger in a pointing accusation or with all digits extended in a warm and loving, firm hand shack?


How many stand off and how many embrace each other in a warm, inviting hug?


What is love and how far does it extend? Is it for all people, by virtue of them being who they are or is it for us, so we can see farther and deeper than our eyes ever could?


Is it the person we see or their potential that we reach out for and in doing that, how much of ourselves do we place in jepardy of disappointment and disillusionment?

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The only thing I hope to relay to people I meet is that I am no threat to them and would prefer to be in community with them. As a male in my culture a firm handshake and the courtesy of looking another in the eye is the usual greeting, or maybe a peck on the cheek and a hug in more familiar circumstances.


I hope to appreciate that the person on the other end has their own life and could have things going on in there that I have no idea about, so I try to be accepting of everyone I meet.


I don't know if I think of offering them hope in particular, however I would like to think that a friendly greeting expresses the hope that we can all get along.

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