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Morals In Movies: Feast

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Plot points and spoilers will be discussed below! :)







Feast is a short film released by Disney, so this one is pretty short.





A Boston Terrier puppy is searching for food in an alley when someone throws him a french fry. The man adopts him and takes him home. What follows is a montage of meals: first kibble, then kibble with eggs and bacon, spaghetti, nachos, and more. This is what the dog, now named Winston, lives for- he LOVES food!


One day Winston's owner has dinner with a woman, and the dinner Winston gets is different. Instead of junk food it's vegetables, and the woman adds a little garnish on top. Winston hates the new food, spits it out, and knocks the plate over. His owner seems to have changed diets for his girlfriend so there are lots of salads, which Winston can't stand. He knocks over salads, vegetable plates, and tears apart grocery bags. He realizes that he won't get any of the food he wants anymore, and stares at the kibble in his bowl, which now has a garnish on top that his owner's girlfriend placed.


His owner's relationship suddenly breaks, and the woman leaves. Grieving the breakup, he starts binge eating junk food, and suddenly Winston's life is great again. Scenes go by where Winston is happy eating junk food his owner has left out, but his owner is seen suffering in the same scenes. One meal is spaghetti, and on top of it is a garnish that the woman placed on everything. Winston is angry when he sees it, but his owner takes it off and then the dog happily starts eating. He looks up from the food to see his owner staring at the garnish, and then realizes that the man is hurting.


For the first time, Winston pushes food to the side to get his owner's attention. He then grabs the garnish and manages to get out the window and run outside. His owner chases him down the road, but Winston knows what he has to do to make everything better. The woman works in a restaurant, so Winston finds it and runs through the back. There is food everywhere, and in the confusion when he's running through food is dropped to the floor. He has to fight his love of food and focus on what he has to do, and runs past all sorts of temptations on his mission.


He finds the woman outside and gets her attention, dropping the garnish at her feet. His owner catches up and puts Winston on a leash to try to take him away. The woman tells the man to wait, and they make up. It fast forwards through time, the man and woman get married and move in together. Winston is happy that his owner is happy and is now content to eat plain kibble. Time passes, and one day Winston wakes up to a meatball rolling towards him. He eats it and follows the sauce trail to find a baby in a high chair, offering more food. Winston now grows up with his owners and their baby, eating all sorts of food that gets thrown around, and he's happy.




Winston loves food, he loves it so much that it's the only thing he pays attention to. When the food he's offered changes, he doesn't like it, and acts out. Then his owner and the woman break up, and suddenly his food is back again and that makes him happy. Because of the way he views food, he doesn't see how much his owner is hurting from the break up for a while. When he finally does notice, he knows he has to make a choice. Winston willingly pushes food away and runs to find the woman for the sake of his owner. Since the woman works in a restaurant, it is pitting Winston against the worst temptation. Steaks, hamburgers, and drinks all fall to the floor around him, free for the taking, but he keeps going and bypasses it all. Once his owner and the woman make up, he doesn't get any extra food with his kibble like he had gotten before. But he's not upset, he is able to look past himself and be happy for his owner. He is now content to eat plain kibble.


Winston realized that he was only focusing on himself and that he'd been ignoring his owner's feelings. It wasn't easy to change and focus on someone other than himself, there were big obstacles in the way that could have thrown him off track. He teaches that we need to look past ourselves to care for the ones that we love, and that even though there can be difficulties along the way that we have to remain focused on our goals. In addition to that, when we look out and care for others, good things can come back our way.


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