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Hi everyone, I'm Josh.


I attend services in an Affirming Anglican Catholic Church, which is a subset of Episcopalians who prefer Anglo-Catholic worship but support the inclusion of women and the LGBT community in all aspects of church life.


I struggle greatly with belief. I want to believe, and I love going to church and being a part of the community. I love the Catholic style of worship with stained glass and robed priests. I even use the King James Version of the Bible, but only because I like the old-timey language, not because I believe that it's the best translation.


I pray constantly for the gift of faith, but it thus far eludes me.


I was raised atheist in a very small mountain community near Bangor, Maine, and now live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, called Roswell, with my wife and two year old son.


So if I was forced to label myself I would say that I'm a hopeful Agnostic. I doubt that I'll truly find faith until I get to meet God, but I'd like to find it sooner.


I've been a member of many religious forums, almost always as either Joshua or Joshua119, so it's possible that I've met some of you before. But I've found that it's hard to be vulnerable around people who demand that I find faith for my own salvation while also demanding that I stop communicating with my gay cousin and make my wife quit her job.


So I've come here not so much to find faith but to find people who are okay with where I am right now. I'm very new to the idea of Progressive Christianity but the 8 points make me feel like this may be that place.


I look forward to interacting with you all on this journey.




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Hi Josh,


I am okay with you the way you are and find no need for you to be anything more than you are at this moment. In my view, one cannot force faith to appear. May your journey be fruitful and filled with peace.


Welcome to the forum,


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Welcome Josh,


I can appreciate your desire for faith but it seems to me you are already in a pretty good place which serves you well. If it comes your way and serves you well, terrific. If not, then I hope you will be just as happy.


I hope you will enjoy participating here.




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