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The God User Interface


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6 hours ago, JosephM said:

Re-read this thread and found it very interesting for musing.. While most words i use will not be an accurate representation of what i have come to postulate, it seems to me that the brain is merely a transmitter and receiver and while we speak of it as the mind and with a physical location of the body because of science and its experiments, i see the brain as merely a chemical transmitter and receiver. The 'Mind' i see as being without locality and while not totally accurate 'outside the body'. Each brain in a sense evolved to an identity based on its on-going ability to tune to certain frequencies or a range of frequencies or bouncing around between these ranges. It seems to me one could look at these tuned ranges on a continuum with words to describe consciousness as a range such as anger, apathy, fear, desire, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love , joy, peace,  etc. Not that any is necessarily higher or better but possibly one could say different or perhaps more evolved.  

It seems to me we can be compared similar to a programmed computer but in my experience it is The Mind which is common to all where the source of all the programming comes from and from which all possibilities are created that inherently over the concept of time draw us toward that source and the range that promotes life rather than the those  that lead to destruction of life. That source seems to me has all knowledge since the beginning of time. In short, the brain which most refer to as the mind i find is the only separation between us. In essence, If i had the same chemical make-up and programming which is modified by your exact experiences and its exact myriad of factors that define you, i would be you.

Just resurrecting an older thread for discussion,


I have a suspicion "mind"is very much like "self"....non-existent.  Just a bit of my own musing!


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