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I have just registered and will tell you a little about myself. My actual name is Christopher Cox. I have used tanakh here because

I have used it on other sites, and its quicker for people to write. In case you are wondering Tanakh is the Jewish name for the Old Testament


I am age 68 and Married and retired. I live in London UK. I have a Baptist background and became a Christian in 1971.


My view of the Bible and Christianity changed a number of years ago when I saw` a copy of Bishop Spong's book 'Liberating the Gospels' the title intrigued me because I didn't know they needed liberating! anyway I bought a copy and couldn't put it down'

Not long after I bought 'Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism' I have just started on his latest book Biblical Literalism, A Gentile Heresy. I cant honestly say I agree with everything he says in his books, but I owe it to him for introducing to me the idea of Midrash and delving into the Jewish roots of Christianity..


I look forward to discussions with other site members.

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Welcome Tanakh,


Glad to hear you are excited about new progressive Christian views. Many have found wisdom, confirmation and/or a new outlook from the conventional one concerning Christianity through Bishop Spongs books and writings. Again welcome and looking forward to hearing more from you.



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Welcome Chris,


I too found progressive views of Christianity liberating from a mindset I grew up with that that was pushed as absolute truth but which only left my confused and angry.


I really benefited from the likes of Spong too, and many other Progressive authors. Thankfully I found this site too in my darkest hours.


I hope you enjoy participating here.




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