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The Great Rsv Conspiracy!


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My RSV Bible of 25 years has become just a mite worn, to say the least. The spine is not broken ..... yet, but the book block is splitting off from the board binding and becoming progressively more fragile. Hardly surprising given it is read every day, and has been my Bible of first choice over many years of pulpit ministry.


So I began looking for a replacement. Oh my, who would have thunk it ..... it is almost impossible to replace! The publisher (Oxford University press) no longer print it, so I have to look to the second hand market. Now maybe, just maybe I'm being too choosy, looking for a specific edition as I am. All I want is a leather bound, plain text with centre references and a concordance at the back end. I don't want a "Catholic" edition (?? What's with this, is it blessed by the HF or summat??), nor am I seeking an "Annotated" Bible.


It seems that I want the impossible!


Why is this edition of the RSV so hard to find? Is it too hard reading for today's infantile Christian? Too well translated for the Fundamentalist KJV waving public? Or .... is there a conspiracy to "ban" the RSV and force everyone into reading such translations as the NRSV, and ESV (with its pc wording, and ridiculous book introductions ~ Moses wrote Genesis, don't you know, let alone the misleading section headings ~Yuk)?


So, is this a conspiracy? Or am I just looking in the wrong places? If anyone knows where I might come by such a RSV Bible, I'd be tickled indeed, and very grateful. But I have to say, I spy ..... a conspiracy!

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