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I Need A Book To Read


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First, I would appreciate if you would take a look at this diverse reading list from a man I admire: here


and tell me if you like anything there. Besides that, I think I've seen Matthew Fox's name bandied about here and his book titles look interesting. What do you recommend?

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Wow - a very diverse list. Since I don't know anything about what you're interested in at the present, I'd recommend heading to the bookstore with the list and letting the book choose you. Find the ones that sound good, read the covers, buy the one(s) you really don't want to put back. If they leave your hands easily... save it for later. :>


Godspeed on your journey!

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Some of the books on your list are fiction and some are non-fiction.


I really enjoyed Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" which is a science book. Bryson is a travel writer, so his take on geology, quantum physics, cosmology, biology, etc ... is easy to understand, accurate and very funny in places.


For fiction you can't go wrong with Douglas Adams. He's a hoot. :P


I love Matthew Fox, but he can be a challenging read. I'd recommend "Original Blessings", but I'd still do what Cynthia recommended and see if it speaks to you.

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Matthew Fox's "The Coming of the Cosmic Christ" is also good, very readable. As for Ken Wilber, included on that list in the first post, the best introduction to his ideas are "A Brief History of Everything." And we've been discussing Thich Nhat Hanh's "Living Buddha, Living Christ" in the "Praxis and Ritual in Christianity" thread.



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