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Book Recommendations? - Gnostic/thomas/mary + New Christians


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Greetings All

I am really keen to read some of the Gospels that are not in the bible but with so many to choose from I thought I would see if anyone had any recommendations they could share with me . I am keen to read the ones mentioned in the title above but if anyone would like to share any other books or must reads I would love to hear about them also.

Also what is a great book that's easy to read and helps explain to new seekers the gospel making it easy for them to understand the true meaning of the bible/God/Jesus including the gnostic mysteries revealed to add a deeper spiritual understanding such as in Thomas and Mary etc so that I can get one for my Mum and to anyone who shows interest in learning more but has trouble understanding the Bibles beautiful message so as not to get confused with the false "jealous, envious, God" as I find so many misinterpret some scripture with this and get the wrong view of God and the true message and character of love and guidance.

Thanks in advance clear.png

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I like the Gospel of Thomas because I like to meditate on the sayings that are ascribed to Jesus. I feel he didn't come to organize a religion, but to personalize a spiritual experience so the sayings to me seem to speak to us as individuals and humans in general. I appreciate your concern about our fellow Christians using the Bible to mislead people into false premises and statements to maintain a false monopoly on the Infinite. You seem to have a good grasp on the spiritual reality, Christianity, the misreadings and your family so good luck. You might also find some good podcasts or videos on youtube.

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