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Honest To God


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Has anyone here read this book?


It's by John A.T. Robinson.


For some reason, I've seen it mentioned a lot recently in websites/forums that I frequent. I haven't read (just ordered it), but wondered if anyone else here has? If so, what are your thoughts about it?

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Funny you should mention this now, as I am nearly through giving it a re-read, aftre first reading it some 30 years ago! Over here in the UK, it is a foundational read for liberal (= "Progressive") Christians, especially Anglicans.


He really rocked the boat! Traditionalists went beserk!


Edit to add: Its a quite dense read, although the chapter entitled "The man for others" is not only very lucid, but stunningly brilliant and ahead of its time.

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Hi, Martin. I'm about half-way through Robinson's book and enjoying it immensely. What I appreciate it about it so far is that Robinson seems to seek to instill our notions of God with new (and sometimes old) concepts and images which allows us to maintain our ties to our religious ancestors and past while being open to new ideas. Some people are for throwing out the word "God" altogether and I can relate to that desire. But writers like Robinson help us to see humanity's understanding and relationship with God as progress, with more light to come. I find the book refreshing. I especially laughed when he wrote in his preface that though he thought his book might drive some berserk, that future generations would look back and think he didn't go far enough. :)

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