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Old Macs Can Now Use Tcpc Site

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Hello all,


In the fall of 2004, I tried to look at the TCPC web site. I use an old Mac (OS 9.2.1). The TCPC site didn't work with either of the browsers I had available. In this regard, it differed from most sites on the Web. I suppose newer browsers would work fine, but the problem was, how do I get at the site with a browser that I can run on my old computer?


I recently tried again. I haven't exhaustively tested everything, but 2 major browsers, compatible with Mac OS 9, both seem to work now, for most features:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1.7 (this is the final version of IE for OS 9, to the best of my knowledge)

Netscape 7.02 (this is definitely the final version of Netscape that works with OS 9; it is a seriously upgraded version of the browser I tried last fall)


One can expect a few minor glitches. For instance, the Code Buttons are rather inconvenient; keystrokes don't work, and you can't select text, then change it, the way you can in a word processor. But with some effort, I even got the bolding to work, as you see.


I understand that your software was changed a few months back. This is a success, for me anyway.




oaklandguy 4/11/05



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Guest admin

Are you talking about the TCPC website at www.tcpc.org or the TCPC message boards (where you are right now)? These are coded two different ways so I wanted to clarify...

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