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I Saw My Self As A Little Girl In A Dream


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please pray for dream interpretation...

I am struggling wit assurance of my salvation. I asked God to show me in a dream that i am saved. Finally i saw this.

I dreamed i was about 5 years old girl standing in that dress made out of flowers.. Someone pulled out those flowers one by one and i became naked. I was ashamed, Then magically i was dressed in the purple dress with golden strings on it. It was so beautiful. I was so amazed and happy.One little girl came, then another girl came up to me. then little prince a year or so younger came up to me.. I was speechless.... The most amazing felling of joy came over me.. i woke up... When i woke up i understood that that prince was Jesus.. July 27 2015 Eva R P.S. If God leads you to interpretation of a dream please let me know. Thank you
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evar, I like your dream, interpretation and reaction.


We have a life time of experiences to reflect on and we can see they are leading us to our soul and our eternal relationship with God. The universe is a classroom on the physical plane that allows us to experience the underlying forces of freedom with choices leading to pleasure or pain in material lessons about cause and effect. The good thing is we cannot fail because we are being guided internally and externally with pain being an inspiration and our struggles a motivator to get stronger. We need failure to be successful and the only thing that can stop us temporarily is our fear of failure, which is similar to not eating because we fear choking.


Enjoy the ride................................

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