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Youth From An Atheist Home


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Hello, I'm Ian, a fourteen year old at boarding school in Southern BC, Canada. I'm bisexual and transgender, and I come from a strictly atheist home. As I progress on with bigger things in my life and am finding more and more capacity to think for myself, I've found an immense comfort and source of guidance in spirituality. I guess I'm looking for a safe community to grow into my religious beliefs.

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Welcome to the forum valentulum.


Unfortunately, there has not been much new posting activity lately. The database seems mostly used by those researching or looking into Progressive Christianity. Our main site has resources that may be useful to you in finding a source close to you for fellowship. I'm not personally familiar with the Southern BC area but we do have other Canadian members who might be able to offer some tips on finding a safe local community in your area.




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Hi Ian,


Unfortunately like Joseph mentions, community participation has been a bit slow around here lately, although I do think it is a reasonably safe place to discuss your religous beliefs. Members are eactively encouraged to respect other people's differences. I'd like to think that most who participate here are open-minded and certainly refrain from insulting or harming others.


I look forward to your participation here.


Cheers from Australia



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