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Hi my name is Ellam am 38 years old am married with no kids

am transgender( gender Queer ) Christian

Am out to most of my friends and Family apart from my bio dad

he is a retired minster , he been in my life for the last 3 years before then he didnt see me or my sister because my step mother said she would kill herself if he did contact us she died a few years ago ( she died naturally)

My bio dad lives in England and us live in Scotland


Am glad i found here




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Welcome Ellam,


Glad to hear your Dad is reconciled and back in your life for the past 3 years. It takes some time and heart searching to undue past prejudices It's often difficult for people to get past prior teachings especially when the Bible is used to justify them.


Again welcome,


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Elam salutations to the Divinity within you. I also had to reconcile with my family and found it mostly takes place within myself. I realized a lot of it is accepting what is. I am responsible for my change, but not the people who think differently about life so I can love, enjoy and be in harmony with them even if they reject me. They are responsible for many of the good changes in my life even if they seemed unappropriate at the time. The political divide in the 60's continues to this day. Good luck and jump in with you ideas.

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